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Untitled design.png

Chocolate cake, rum syrup, chocolate mousse, chocolate buttercream, chocolate fondant.

Apple Caramel

Untitled design.png

Chocolate heart filled with dolce de leche and covered with green apple mousse.

Black Forest

Untitled design.png

Chocolate cake with whipped cream and maraschino cherries.


Untitled design.png

Chocolate cake with walnuts.


Mini | Large

Fried pastry dough, filled with a sweet, creamy ricotta cheese.


A mix between chocolate and vanilla cake with chocolate and vanilla buttercream.

Carrot Cake

Untitled design.png

Moist cake with carrots , pineapple, walnuts and white cream cheese frosting.


Untitled design.png

Chocolate cake, chocolate mousse and whipped cream.


Untitled design.png

(Unbaked) Vanilla sponge, berries jam, cheese and topped with fresh fruits.

Chocolate Cup 

Untitled design.png

Chocolate Mousse

Choux a la Crème 

Choux filled with custard and whipped cream.

Chocolate Trio

Untitled design.png

Dark chocolate mouse, milk chocolate mouse and white chocolate mouse. 

Citrus Slice

Untitled design.png

Vanilla cake, chocolate cake, lemon crème and chocolate ganache.


Untitled design.png

Crème pâtissier, crème Chantilly, dried fruits, vanilla cake and whipped cream.


Untitled design.png

7 layers of very thin vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream in between.


a) custard with chocolate b) custard with praline crème c) pistachio

d) strawberry e) custard w whipped cream

Gold Dome

Untitled design.png

Iced coffee mousse with dark chocolate.

Ice Mint

Untitled design.png

White and dark chocolate covered with mint mousse.


Untitled design.png

Chocolate mousse with orange.


Untitled design.png

Chocolate sponge vanilla cream, chocolate ganache, and chocolate glaze.

Mango Explosion

Untitled design.png

Mango mousse

Mille Femille

Untitled design.png

Layers of puff pastry with vanilla custard.


Untitled design.png

Chocolate cake with Nutella mousse.


Untitled design.png

Joconde cake, coffee buttercream and chocolate ganache.

Passionfruit Delight

Untitled design.png

Chocolate insert and passion fruit mousse.

Petit Four

Chocolate | Vanilla - Raspberry |
Walnut - Vanilla - Chocolate | Lemon

Filling in between two layers of cake covered with fondant: chocolate, vanilla-raspberry, lemon, chocolate+vanilla+walnut.


Untitled design.png

Praline insert and praline mousse.

Pistachio Dream

Untitled design.png

Pistachio insert and pistachio mousse.


Sponge cake soaked in rum syrup and whipped cream.

Red Velvet

Untitled design.png

Red velvet cake with cream cheese. 

Strawberry Love

Untitled design.png

Chocolate Truffle and strawberry mousse.

Snickers Cake 

Untitled design.png

Chocolate cake with a peanut nougat filling, salted caramel and peanuts, milk chocolate ganache and chopped peanuts.


Lemon Meringue | Pistachio

Mini Tarts

Praline | Pistachio


Untitled design.png

Lady fingers dipped in coffee with mascarpone cheese.

* Prices may change without notice.

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